Elementary School Program

Our elementary program consists of 3 classrooms. Two classrooms support students in grades K-3 and the other classroom supports students in grades 3-5. Each classroom is led by a Special Education Teacher. In addition, each classroom is supported by a Teaching Assistant. Our elementary classrooms typically range in size from 5-7 students. These small, structured classrooms allow us to meet the individual needs of our students both academically and socially.

Grades K-3

Students in grades kindergarten through second grade work on becoming confident learners and kind and caring classmates. Early literacy skills are developed as the children begin to become readers and writers.

Third graders will have a year filled with learning and development. With support and guidance students will learn to become collaborative students as well building on becoming independent learners. At MJC, we place a huge focus on strengthening organizational skills and daily routines. Students in third grade focus more on comprehension strategies that will enable them to think deeper about their reading. Math is filled with hands-on experiences to build the foundation that is so important as students transition into the intermediate grades.

Writing is expanded to include, process, form and response to reading. Math is filled with many beginning concepts while securing concepts that were previously taught. Students are always excited to begin concepts such as multiplication and division in 3rd grade!

Our Elementary teachers, Katie Likar and Kassie McDowell are eager to support you and your child!

Grades 4-5

Fourth grade is a year with increased responsibilities, learning, and exploration. Students begin to learn how to put their learning into action. They will continue to explore by going into the community via field trips.

Fifth grade students become the leaders of the elementary school. They are preparing for Middle School by learning to become organized with assignments and becoming more independent in keeping track of assignments and classes. Students will work to develop their academic and behavioral skills for continued success.

Grades 4-5 are led by Ms. Myra Stinson. She provides a structured, yet nurturing environment with the overall goal of helping each child transition back to a typical learning environment when they are ready!