About Registration 2021

We would like to get you the registration information as soon as possible so you have time to fill it out before the 2022/2023 school year begins.

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Tanner Seal and this is my first year as the principal of Mades Johnstone School. It is my mission to motivate, energize, and support each member of our team to continue to strive toward excellence and high expectations for each of our students and their families. The New Directions Program is an incredible opportunity for students to reach their full potential and meet their social/emotional as well as academic goals.

Although it may seem double-up, it is important to also renew and confirm registration information for your child in your home school district (Geneva, St.Charles, Batavia, …). I know that you have or will receive registration information from them. Please follow the instructions included with that information and return those registration materials to the location indicated in the instructions. You also will be asked to pay fees at your home school district. If these fees are a hardship, you may contact the individuals identified in the instructions. If you would like to purchase student insurance or are eligible for free/reduced lunches, these forms should be returned to your home school district as well.

All Mid-Valley students must follow the physical and immunization requirements of the state. Please follow the instructions on the district information to complete this requirement, including submission of physical forms, proof of vaccination and dental/vision examination forms for the specified grade levels. Please be reminded that a signed medication form from your physician is required by the first day of school if your child takes medication during the school day. All medications to be administered during the school day must be hand-carried into the health office of the school your child attends by a parent or guardian.

Transportation arrangements for your student are made by your home school district. If you have any questions or concerns about special transportation, please contact your district’s transportation department.

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Registration Forms

The forms below are already included in the printable registration packet.  They are listed below in case you need to access a particular form.

General Permission Slip - This allows the student to attend the field trips we schedule throughout the year to enhance their learning and/or celebrate their success.

Emergency & Health Information Form - All student must update emergency information annually and all students that take medication at school need to have this form completed each year.

Media Release - MVEC may use student work, photography, video and other materials, ONLY with parent permission.

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