Middle School Program (Grades 6-8)

Middle School at MJS consists of three classrooms that students transition between throughout the day. Each classroom consists of a special education teacher who specializes in different content areas. The middle school program consists of a solid team of four teachers who collaborate to support students. Class sizes are typically 6-8 students with co-taught classes between 8-10.

Middle school is an important transitional time in a student’s life. This program focuses on teaching students an increased sense of personal responsibility in both their education and their emotions. Students continue to build their self-regulation tools and practice using them more independently. This is also a time when students begin to develop a more complex sense of self, therefore, staff work with students to individualize incentives and behavioral supports. Lastly, students learn the executive functioning and critical thinking skills necessary for success in high school and begin to experience vocational opportunities that will allow students to explore potential career preferences. The middle school team consists of Jeremy Wilder, Darren Holzkopf, Katie Rickerl, and Becky Boedewig.

St. Charles Community Unit School District 303