Safe Schools

An alternative education program that accommodates general education and special education students who have been considered for expulsion at their district school.

Mid-Valley Safe Schools Program is funded by a grant from the Illinois Board of Education and the Kane County Regional Office of Education.

Safe Schools is NOT a special education program. It is an inclusive program that may include students with disabilities who are able to complete grade-level academic work with assistance. Students with disabilities are provided all services indicated on their IEPs by appropriately certified professionals.

Safe Schools students receive an individually tailored program to meet their unique need. Most students work independently on computer based programs, video courses, and textbook coursework aligned to meet state standards. Others participate in academic classes within our New Directions Program with a focus on earning their credits toward graduation. Students may also participate in volunteer community service projects as part of the program.

Students earn P.E. credit by participating in Physical Education classes at Mades-Johnstone Center. Mid-Valley support services are available to Safe Schools students seeking employment opportunities in the community, if appropriate.

Participants earn credit and re-entry to their district school and/or a high school diploma upon completion of the program. Diplomas are issued from the home high school.

Safe Schools Documents

St. Charles Community Unit School District 303